Living Expenses


How much is the cost of living in Japan for a month?

Living in Japan as a student, it will cost you more expenses other than tuition fee.
Many students work part-time to cover their living expenses, however, it would help a lot if you can save a certain amount of money before you move to Japan.

The cost of living in Japan

Average amount is 87,000 JPY other than tuition fee

According to Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), the average expenses of international students living in the Kanto region who studied at a Japanese language school was 87,000 JPY (excluding academic expenses).
Food and housing expenses account for the majority of the expenditure, but it is necessary to consider approximately 20,000 JPY for hobbies, entertainment and transportation.
In order to avoid trouble in a time of emergency, it is important to carefully and systematically account for living expenses.

Fiscal Year 2015, Survey Summary of Living Expenses of International Students
Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) 

Example of a Joto Japanese School Student

  • Example Person A

    Housing Expenses 30,000 JPY
    Food Expense 20,000 JPY
    Transportation Expenses 5,000 JPY
    Entertainment Expenses 15,000 JPY
    Others 15,000 JPY
    85,000 JPY
  • Example Person B

    Housing Expenses 35,000 JPY
    Food Expense 15,000 JPY
    Transportation Expenses 5,000 JPY
    Entertainment Expenses 10,000 JPY
    Others 8,000 JPY
    73,000 JPY
  • Example Person C

    Housing Expenses 53,000 JPY
    Food Expense 10,000 JPY
    Transportation Expenses 10,000 JPY
    Entertainment Expenses 20,000 JPY
    Others 10,000 JPY
    103,000 JPY
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