Principal’s Greeting


Welcome to Joto Japanese School.

Principal, Joto Japanese School , Tatsu Kanai

Joto Japanese School is located in the quaint old town of Kameari and students can intimately experience the “good old Japan”. It is located advantageously very close to Tokyo’s city center and has convenient transportation which allows students to experience the many different sides of Tokyo while studying in Japan.

With walls between nations virtually gone, we are approaching a truly globalized society. We aim to cultivate the human resources to meet the demands of these times. In a multinational class, the language used for communication is Japanese only. Students’ Japanese language skills quickly improve while experiencing different cultures and ways of thinking. In addition, individual attention is paid to students who wish to go on to universities and graduate schools and we will provide careful instruction and guidance to fit each student’s needs. With these efforts, we are able to provide a path for our outstanding students to go on to higher education.

We will do our utmost to support you so you can be proud that you graduated from Joto Japanese School.

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