Application for Admission

For those who wish to apply for a student visa

Qualification for Entrance

  • Person who has completed at least 12 years or more of regular accredited education in their home country (institutions vary by each country) or similar level of education.
  • Person who has completed a secondary curriculum in their home country which gives them entrance qualifications for university level education.
    (Person who has graduated from high school, or have credits equivalent to high school graduation level.) (For person wishing to enter a Japanese university, they are required to have completed 12 or more years of an accredited educational curriculum.)
  • Person who has completed at least 150 hours of Japanese language courses or have passed Japanese Language Proficiency Test at least Level 4 at the time of submitting an application.
  • Person who has a guarantor in Japan or in their home country.

Admission Period and Deadlines (By Course)

Course Name (Period) Admission Due Application Deadline
2-years Course April Mid-November of the Previous year
21-months Course July Mid-March
18-months Course October Mid-May
15-months Course January Mid-September of the Previous Year
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