Part-time Job Information

In order to get a part-time job, it is necessary to apply in advance

After applying for permission at the Immigration Bureau to engage in activities other than their original status qualification, and permission has been granted, students will be able to take on part-time jobs.
Fill all of the job information such as location and employment details on the specified form.

Be sure to consider your own language skills and that the part-time job won’t get in the way of your schooling.
Working at pachinko parlors, host/hostesses in bars, cabarets, prostitution, etc. are forbidden. Only employment in places suited for students is allowed.
There are various ways of looking for part-time jobs including information from senior students, alumni, friends and classmates at school, searching through part-time job information, or through public employment security offices.

Average part-time job wages near Kameari Station

  • Restaurant : Hall Staff

    1100 Yen / Hour
  • Restaurant : Kitchen Staff

    1100 Yen / Hour
  • Convenience Store : Register

    1150 Yen / Hour
  • Fast Food : Register

    1100 Yen / Hour
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