Frequently asked questions about enrollment procedures

Is it possible to process in my mother tongue?
Yes, there is no problem.
Is there age limit for enrollment?
It is desirable to be within 32 years old.
Should it be better to enter application form and resume on a personal computer?
Be sure to submit the original document when it is hand written. Pint out when it is entered by PC, the signarure of the applicant is necessary. The same also to the expenses papers.
How can I pay tuition fees?
The initial tuition fee will be transfered before coming to Japan, and the remaining tuition fees will be paid before your visa update.

Frequently asked questions about supporter

Is it okay if i don't have a Japanese supporter?
There is no problem if you do not have a Japanese Supporter.
What is the minimum amount of money to be paid by the financial sponsor?
Depending on the scheduled period of study, over 3 million yen is necessary.
Can I become a supporter by myself?
If you have worked at the same office for the past three years and the bank balance is over 3 million yen, you can be a supporter by yourself. You may be required to submit deposit / withdrawal details for the last three years.
Is it okay to submit only the bank account balance statement?
It may be required to submit deposit / withdrawal details for the last 3 years of financial supporter. It is desirable to prepare in advance.

Frequently asked questions about repayment provision

Is the tuition fee is refundable if I finish the course earlier than I planned, go to university / return home, or get a job at a Japanese company?
As a rule, the tuition fee is not refundable. The special permission will be required from the principal for any exception.
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