Other frequently asked questions

Outside the class, who should I talk to when I'm in trouble?
We have staffs who can speak Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, English, Nepalese and Mongolian, so please feel free to ask when you have any questions.
In addition, we will carefully explain basic Japanese manners and rules at the orientation which will be held after enrollment.
Can I buy a commuter pass for train or bus at school?
Since our school is not a corporated association, regular purchase for school Train or Bus pass is not possible.
What should I do when I am sick?
Health care while studying abroad is very important.
In case of getting sick or injured it is a good idea to check the location of medical institutions such as hospitals in advance.
For more information Insurance · Medical Page Please confirm.
When I get into trouble, what should I do?
if you feel a little bit of "danger", please contact the school office, nearest police station, Consumer Life Center immediately.

Police department Tel:110

Tokyo Metropolitan Consumer Life Center Tel:03-3235-1155

Can I use electric appliances used in my home country in Japan
If you bring electric appliances from your home country, check the voltage / plug shape and prepare transformer if necessary. (Japan is 100 V · plug shape A type)
How much do you need for living expenses per month?
The monthly living expenses do not include tuition, and the average living cost is about 80,000 yen. Let's prepare at least 300,000 yen or more as living expenses for immediate arrival.
For more information Living expenses page Please confirm.
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