Frequently asked questions about the course

What kind of course do you have?
2 years · 1 year 9 months · 1 year 6 months · 1 year 3 months courses are available.
For details, please refer to the course guide page on our website.
Can I extend the course after starting the course?
In the case of student visa, if there is room in the capacity, it may be possible to extend your visa within the range of 2 years.
Is it possible to enroll from the middle of the course?
Although it is possible, we recommend you to enroll at the beginning of the course.
Is there a short course?
The duration of the short course is three months, those who came to Japan with Japanese citizenship / spouse visa, working holiday, short term stay etc are eligible.
What kind of teaching materials do you use?
For example, in the beginner course, we use MINNANO NIHONNGO (I. II).
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