School Facilities


Joto Japanese School has 16 classrooms. We have large numbers of classrooms within the province.

There are plentiful, well-equipped facilities available for students to make their life convenient.
※There are many student's dormitories near the School. Please feel free to contact us for more information..

  • 教室


    Large and bright classrooms. It makes us possible to provide attentive instruction due to the small class sizes. All the classrooms are equipped with air conditioning, and monitors.

  • 職員室

    Faculty Staff Room

    Faculty staff room. If there is something you don’t understand regarding your lessons, or something troubling you regarding your stay in Japan, please feel free to come discuss issues with us.

  • 外観

    Exterior View

    Three-storied school building
    The School is part of a quiet residential area which makes it an excellent environment to study.

  • 駐輪場

    Bicycle Parking

    There is a bicycle parking available behind the School building. Many students come to school by bike.

  • 校内風景

    School landscape

    Filled with laughter through the open hallways during breaks.

  • 校内掲示板

    School Bulletin Board

    On the School bulletin board, there is up-to-date information of career guidance as well as part-time job.

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