Faculty Staff Introduction


Veteran staff members are available to discuss various topics with students.

Experienced, veteran full-time teachers, and staff members are available to discuss issues regarding life in Japan, studies, or any other concerns.
We will offer an environment where students can concentrate on studying.
We will support you to make you feel studying abroad is the best decision.

Experienced, full-time teachers give complete guidance for improvement

  • 宮元先生


    Ms. Miyamoto

    We will support you to make you feel comfortable. Make your dreams come true at Joto Japanese School. We look forward to meeting everyone.

  • 塩田先生


    Ms. Shiota

    I respect all the students who are doing their best in studying abroad. Please make it to goals you would like to achieve. We will support you.

  • 戸村先生



    I look forward to teach the Japanese language as well as the culture along with other students who come to Japan looking to fulfill a big dream.

  • 伊嶋先生


    Ms. Ishima

    If you have any concerns while you are studying, please feel free to come and discuss the issues with us. Let’s study together and have fun!

  • 本多先生


    Ms. Honda

    Studying abroad is a great opportunity. Do your best while you are in Japan to make it worth. We will support you whenever you need help.

You are always welcome to ask any questions other than studying.

Please feel free to stop by the Staff Room for any questions or concerns regarding studies, part-time jobs,paper works in Japan.

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