1 year and 6 months course


1 year and 6 months course which allows you to enter the school smoothly after graduating in your home country.

This course starts from October and for 1 year and 6 months.
It is the effective course who has graduated from high school and university in June~July in your home country, but because of the short learning period, we recommend to prepare yourself by studying Japanese before coming to Japan.

Course features

  • Feature 1

    Depending on individual level Segmented class organization

  • Feature 2

    Aim for high score Japanese Language Proficiency Test

  • Feature 3

    With a veteran lecturer Career guidance by individual interview

Course outline

  • A person who graduates from a high school and has more than 12 years of school years or equivalent qualification
  • Those who are highly motivated to attend classes and to learn Japanese
Type of Visa
Admission Due
Course period
1 year 6 months
Class Schedule
  • Morning class 9: 00 ~ 12: 30 (45 minutes x 4 limit), 5 days / week (Monday - Friday)
  • Afternoon class 13: 00-16: 30 (45 minutes × 4 limit), 5 days a week (Monday - Friday)
Curriculum overview
We are aiming to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 or over 300 points on EJU to go to a top university score over 300 on EJU exams.
Application Due


1st year 2nd year
Application fee 25,000 -
Enrollment fee 55,000 -
tuition fee 660,000 330,000
Material fee 36,000 18,000
Subtotal 776,000 348,000
Total 1,124,000

Procedure of Admission · Inquiries

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